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    Sharing our lives with animals is something that everyone at Bridgeway Animal Clinic feels blessed to experience. Each member of our team is dedicated to providing the very highest quality veterinary care, ensuring that every patient we serve has the best chance of enjoying a long and healthy life. The passion we share for animal health care is evident in everything we do, from our extensive list of veterinary care services to the cutting edge treatment options we provide.  We are always happy to welcome new clients and patients in the Bentwater and Montgomery County area.

    Recent Posts

    Beware of These Toxic Houseplants

    Nov 15, 2014

    Hundreds of plants have been known to produce toxic effects in animals. That’s quite a lot, but you can lessen the risk by removing common offenders from your home. Here, a Bentwater veterinarian discusses five common toxic houseplants that you … Read More »

    My Cat’s Breath Really Stinks

    Nov 01, 2014

    Your tabby cat Murray is a real love bug, sleeping on your bed and often curling up on the couch while you watch TV or read. Murray especially loves to wake you up by licking your face, which should fill … Read More »

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